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Amazing Ice Cube Maker

Amazing Ice Cube Maker

The revolutionary and space-saving ice cube maker replaces up to 10 of your traditional ice cube trays! Always be ready to serve a cold and refreshing drink to your family, friends, and other guests. Also perfect for keeping your favorite bottle cold for that one special person. 

How does it work?

1. Fill the outer chamber with water
2. When it is frozen lift up the inner cylinder and squeeze out the cubes into the bucket
3. For another batch of ice cubes, just refill and freeze again.

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Main features:

  • Unique double chamber design holds up to 120 ice cubes
  • Outer chambers freeze the ice cubes while inner cylinder stores them
  • Save a ton of space in your freezer
  • Air tight lid keeps your cubes fresh and odor free
  • Quickly chill bottled beverages
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with Safe, BPA-FREE materials