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Night Vision Goggles - Best Night Vision Binoculars - Military Grade Binoculars

Military Grade Binoculars

"...Super easy to use, clearly visible, and high quality."

The award-winning night vision binoculars will take your outdoor experience to a whole new level. These goggles can store up to 32G of data so you won't miss the perfect opportunity to capture & record something when you see it. 

We also use an ultra-durable ruby-coated optics to improve the grip and reduce the weight. If you are into outdoor activities like the military, sports events, bird watching, camping, hunting, etc. then these binoculars are the perfect pick!


  • High clarity 60 x 60 binoculars.   A multi-layer broadband green film with strong transparency, good light transmission, and clear image.  Its large eyepiece design makes the field of view more neon, clearer, and natural.

  • Ultra-durable ruby-coated optics.  The rubber coating protects the body from impact and wear.

  • Multifeatured.  A full-featured pack pair of binoculars!
    1. Eyepiece focus
    2. Hand adjustable
    3. Non-slip emboss
    4 Clear night vision effect
    5. Easy to operate


  • Q. What do 60x60 numbers mean?
    A. 60x60 binoculars have 60x magnification and the objective lenses are 60mm in diameter. The wider the objective lens, the more light the binoculars will take in making the image brighter.
  • Q. What is the farthest distance these binoculars can pick up?
    A. Well, that is difficult to say. I mean the human eye can detect a candle from 14 miles away, and we can see stars. I will say this, looking at something hundreds of feet away, are clearly visible through these powerful binoculars. These are very powerful, more than what you really need for general recreational use. Do not hesitate, these are extremely high quality.
  • Q. Can it be attached to a tripod?
    A. Yes, 100%
  • Q. Are these durable enough to pack into a rucksack for taking while going on hikes?
    A. Yes, they are definitely durable enough to carry with rucksack while traveling. 

Product specifications

  • Eyepiece diameter:  0.62 "
  • Lens diameter: 2.36 "
  • 3200 m coordinates.
  • Distance: 5.46 m - 3200 m.
  • Shuttle mirror: K9
  • Angle: 8.2 degrees
  • Minimum focusing distance: 5.46 m
  • Approximate weight.  750 g

Package includes

  • 1 x binoculars
  • 1 x cleaning cloth
  • 1 x storage bag
  • 1 x user manual