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Real Life Dragon Balls



Sets out to gather your seven wish-granting Real Life Dragon Balls

When you have them, you will be able to help Son Goku who and his companions to defend the Earth against an assortment of villains, including intergalactic space conquerors, powerful androids, and other near indestructible magical creatures.

  • Sets out to gather your seven wish-granting Dragon Balls.
  • When you have all 7 of them you can summon the eternal dragon. He will grand you any wish you want! Like immortality or Bulma's panties.
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In celebration of the release of our new product line, a new way to express ourselves, we offer these Real Life Dragon Balls with a 30% discount in the next 24 hours!

Main Features:

  1. Size: 3 inch/7,5cm
  2. Weight: 0.5kg/set
  3. Package: Box as the Picture
  4. 7 pieces/set, with 1-7 stars.
  5. Material: PVC

Due to the current discount, there is an extremely high demand: expect 2-3 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).